My African Man


My African Man
Puts the trees to shame with his height
That even the ground cowers with his every step

My African Man
Sculpted to perfection
But has many flaws

My African Man
Speaks with such rhythm
That even drums follow his beat

My African Man
Is so lethal that as he fights
He’s as graceful as a dancer

My African Man
So passionate
That even water could not extinguish his flame

My African Man
His scent so manly
That it brings me to my knees

My African Man
Dipped in dark chocolate
And a body of a god

My African Man
Mine to call mine alone


My first blog post with one of the of the first poems I wrote…..Please comment and share xx


A letter to you who is about to enter my mind

WELCOME to my world of words

A world where my poet rules the very being that I am

So I ask you to enter with love

Have patience with my words 

They have only recently learned that they are a mighty roar

Be kind to my words 

They have been locked up in whispers for so long that they have forgotten their power

Respect my words 

They have been trampled on by me so often that they forgot their worth

Listen to the poet in me

She has been locked away for so long, she has no voice

Allow her to welcome you into the letters that she easily manipulates

The loud whispers of her soul call to you

WELCOME to the world that I have kept hidden so long

Be patient with me

I have only recently learned that words are not worthless

That my words are just as priceless as yours

Be patient with my silence

It has overpowered me so long that I barely know what a whisper is

WELCOME in my mind

But remember to pack your things and leave after your visit

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